Alissa T Hunter Books



Alissa T Hunter bo2940046018332_p0_v1_s260x420bookoks is home to Malicious, the first book in Alissa’s Morning Star Institute series. Her books can be found in most book buying places in E-book (but keep an eye out for Malicious in print, coming soon).

See what fans are saying about Malicious!

“Malicious had me hooked right away! The characters had me so sucked in that I couldn’t put the book down til I finished it!! I am anxiously awaiting for the second book to come out! I also can’t wait to see what else Alissa does with the rest of her writing career! She makes you feel like you’re right in the story watching and waiting to see what happens! Very good read and highly recommended!” ~anonymous~


Loved this book and will be impatiently waiting the next! Definitely enjoyed the fact that it kept my attention from the beginning – no dull points. Alissa was great at bringing the characters to life in the sense that you could really picture them and their mannerisms throughout. As well as the location and landscape – you could really visualize it all without the annoying over-descriptions many authors tend to use.

This was definitely a great read and a concept/character-base I had not seen before. Very great read and highly recommended.

Thank you, Alissa. This is the first time in quite a while that I’ve found a book that I finish within a day of its purchase. Keep it up!” ~Anonymous~




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