Malicious Book Trailer Video

I wanted to make a blog concerning the art of making a book trailer video. So here it is!

I’ve seen book trailers made for so many of my favorite series, and that’s when the thought hit me: why can’t I make a video for my Morning Star Institute series? With a little help from Sweet Hell Designs, (my favorite graphic designer), Malicious book trailer was born.

Making a book trailer wasn’t as easy as I personally thought it appeared to be. First you need to buy the rights for the images you wish to use during your video. Next, you need to know how to distort, crop, and size every image accordingly, not to mention adding those fantastical elements which really make the video pop…fiery Hell-hounds any one?

Next, you need to choose the music you’d like to have playing in the back ground, if you’re not doing a voice-over. Choosing the music was definitely my favorite part of the process! We used a Fall Out Boy cover fitting to the pace I wanted the video to play. After you have gathered all of the above essentials, putting it together in slides, matching the time frame needed for the video, as the icing on the book-trailer-cake.

Now it is time to stick a fork in it, you’re done!

(Sorry for all the cake references. The New Years Resolution to eat healthy is fighting back with a vengeance)

Here is the Malicious book trailer video, just click the link below, and enjoy! Also, if you’d like to follow my blog, simply look over to the right of your screen, and choose to follow my book blog. Thanks guys, I have the best group of readers. No, really, I do!

Malicious Book Trailer

Please stay turned for the Shameless book trailer, the second installment in the Morning Star Institute series.

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