Building a Mind Map

There’s something I heard today that really resonated in my mind: BUILD A MIND MAP. Figure out what truly drives you, and decide what goals will help you accomplish this. Surround yourself by people who help better you and don’t hold you back. Find what makes you happy because it isn’t materialistic things that are going to be there for you at the end of the day. Focus on what keeps you humble. The people outside of you do not make you who you are. Only the choices you make matter. Do things you think you’re good at, and donate to charity. Giving back is the number one way to truly gain wealth.

Writing is my passion, (are you really surprised?) I enjoy writing books for Young Adults, to give them something to fall back on. Teenage years for me were some of my toughest, and having something good to read, to fall back on, helped me when I struggled; and again this is true right after having children when my body and mind were on the brink of depression which often follow after having a baby.

Being a writer is more than just writing books. Writing is about giving others a place to escape, and giving others motivation to follow their own dreams. Books can be used as tools at any stage in life. I have reader like you to thank for keeping me motivated, and excited to write each and every day.

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