All Good Things Come To An End

June 11, 2017

A black sea of thoughts flooded my mind, and then all at once everything inside me hurt: every nerve, every vein that pumped blood dutifully to my broken heart, felt like it had been set on fire… ~Desdemona Starr, A.K.A Dessi~Shameless: a Morning Star Institute novel by Alissa T. Hunter

Every once in a while there’s a line from a book that hooks you in, and makes you want to read it over, and over again. (You, book lover sitting there reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about) This is one of my personal favorites from Shameless, the second book in my Morning Star Institute series. At this moment Dessi is so overcome by the grief she feels when the person she loves most betrays her, and so overwhelmed by all these mixed emotions, she can do nothing more but stand there, frozen in shock. Her world was just shaken, her feet kicked out from under her, everything she knew about this person has been a lie. You can’t help but to feel for Dessi during this time, knowing she has to mourn, let her anger out, and do what she does best:  devise a plot to get back at those who have wronged her.

Desdemona Starr, a.k.a the Devil’s daughter, is not someone you should entice to hate you. See how far Dessi has to go for revenge, in book three of the Morning Star Institute series, Ruthless.

Release date coming soon.

Music to reflect Dessi’s Broken Heart


Broken heart dessi

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